Monday, 7 April 2014

We're Back In Business


After 2 years, 5 month, and 26 days, I find the need for myself to start writing, thus I have decided to start blogging again.

Let's start with the obvious change. The first one is the domain. Same old blog, a whole different domain. Why ? I'm too lazy to set up another blog. There. A lot has changed in this two and a half years. People come and goes, gain some new friends, lose some, find love, lose love, all the usual stuff.

It's great seeing some of the people that I know back then now is married, a mummy, a daddy, et al. As for me, nothing much has changed. No longer around the Seine. Got a daughter, lost a daughter, well, as is said, nothing much though I no longer has that surfer's hair.

I'd be ranting here from now on. Hopefully on regular basis, and if you do end up here, do give me a shout out on the comment section. That would mean a lot to me.